Friday, January 06, 2012

random thoughts for the day

1) i woke up late this morning. i went back to sleep after turning off the alarm.

2) managed to reach at the same time, minus my make up and all the what what cream, plus the gulping down of coffee in three big mouth, minus watering plants.

3) i finally finish july 2011 issue of reader's digest! (applause) can't wait to start on aug issue.

4)was reading about sex slavery in USA. the young girls were made to have sex with more than 20 men a day, that average out to 1 per hour.....mmmm thoughts......

5) my fortune cookie (given by a colleague) says i'm going to have the best day ever! it better be true.

6) i experienced a bout of STM just now, almost scolded people wrongly. They were baffled, so am I. (at myself) sigh, well, this is me.... take me as i am and appreciate me.

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