Monday, April 30, 2012

Public transport experience

Was apprehensive that I would be taking the public transport home because it's been years since I took bus. And I really do not know what bus leads to my home.

So after some Internet search, in the end, choose to take met and feeder because I also need to check my ezlink card and top up if necessary.

Well, the experience is not as frightening as I thought. Stood all the way, I dun want to be stomped for sitting on priority seats. And trust me, no wonder people rather pretend to be asleep on the mrt than give up the seats. My legs were tired. Maybe I was on heels, hence plus the balancing, it's really working out feet muscles. Plus I do not have great balancing skills.

So all in all, I enjoyed the experience. No hurry, no horning at other people, no cursing and swearing. I could listen to my music peacefully.

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