Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unfriend a friend in Facebook

What do u do when your friend Unfriend u in Facebook? Retaliate?

I think my reaction is to rumble here and my life continues to move on.

By unfriending a person, u had made clear how much u weigh this friendship. Yes, there were questions like y did u do that, I would like to ask. But forget it. Because likewise, I'ver no longer put a value to this. It doesn't bother me that I need to find the answer. I do not even want to comment on the action because it doesn't matter anymore.

I've more important people in my life to love, to care.



Anonymous said...

if you dont care, you wont even publish this article.

yeah you do but the issue is whether you have been a friend to her?

also sometimes there could be reason beyond simple understanding. its not like unfriend means not being a friend, it could be something else.

facebook is exposed to so many people, just a few comments might even get you into trouble.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter. U really act as if you know blogger so.......much! Problem is, you don't! So may I suggest you don't ASSUME so many things.
Sigh! Poor blogger.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who commented, you really act as if your know the blogger.

you are really a joke. yeah I know the blogger, you are the clown here. ha ha ha

dont assume too much. Poor blogger. ha ha ha clown.

SaN said...

enough is enough. Who knows me best, the answer is in my heart and the person who is in my heart knows best.

SaN said...

knowing the blogger and knowing what the blogger thinks and feels and understanding the blogger, are 2 different things.
1) to first comment: i have refrain from commenting becos by publishing my post, i meant it to be an end to a story, a full stop. So i have been refraining from making a comment to your comment. It's not that i care then i publish the article. By publishing the article, i'm telling my dear that i've put an end to the story.
and whether i have been a friend to 'her', i dun need to answer, unless commenter, u r the friend who unfriend me in Facebook.
and for your information, i did not comment on this friend's Facebook that cause 'her' to unfriend me, so please dun lecture me.
i did nothing at all.

SaN said...

and you know what, first commenter, u r right, a few comments can get a person into trouble, because your two comments has kind of like get you into trouble.

SaN said...

and to the 2nd commenter, I owe you a thank you. I should thank you for standing up for me, while all this time, i've been refraining from commenting and you know my temper, it's unlike me not to retaliate. so thank your for standing up for me.