Friday, September 14, 2012

Endearment to F&N

I grew up with this familiar icon, F&N. The glass bottled drinks and to as an adult, sometimes nutrisoy.

After a levels, I worked part time at north point, data entry. That was my first realization that the beverage F&N was more than a drink. It has properties as well. Then Tiger, heneiken became my beverage at night.

Marshall cavendish, a publisher whom I am familiar with. We had reception on the roof top of Times publishing house when new textbooks was launches. I even went for an interview at Marshall cavendish. The staff was friendly, he advices me not to park at that particular lot as there would be bird shit later on.

Hence in my life, at some point of time, we have linkages with F&N. So, to read about Thaibev acquiring ABP, I feel sad. Now the battle to acquire ABP has turned to bidding for F&N Because, if he were successful, F&N could be split up and sold off.

I'm not good at maths. I'm no business man. I'm more emotional. Just feel a tinge of sadness if F&N were to be sold off. It's like tearing pieces off from a body and selling the various part to various people who could offer a good price for it.

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