Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Looking at my parents,

1) my dad had an operation. But I was not worried because he was in good hands, looking at how auntie took care of him.

2) my mum had a surgery. But I was worried because she's alone. Though she seems independent, able to look after herself. But being woman, I think deep down inside, she would want someone to care for her. Not her children's kind of care. U know, that someone special to care for her.

So now the thing is it's sad to grow old alone. But the thing is, would my dad be happy growing old in this family? Did he make the right choice?

At that time, I'm sure he went through a lot, people may think of him as selfish, heartless. Really admire his courage. I really never had a heart to heart talk with him. God, talking about my dad is making me tear.

Ok, I'm being emo. I shd stop. What happened to him and mum is a thing of the past. I should not be so emo about it.

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