Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Leave of absence

Not been blogging. At times, I do have the inspiration to blog, just didn't have the time to blog and when I have the time, the topic eludes me. Or have I learnt to keep things to myself?

As for my illness, I've stopped taking sleeping pills to sleep. I actually dun like the grogginess I have the next day, takes me half the day to focus on what I was doing. But without pills, well, I could still sleep at 1 am, which I think it's quite normal, based on the average.

Any medication for forgetfulness? Seems like it has gotten from bad to worse. I really don't know why I just can't remember certain things.

Maybe life has become monotonous. That's why I just wake up and live life as I am supposed to live, fulfill what I am supposed to do. Aunt sal said, god put me on this earth for a purpose, I just haven't found that purpose yet. At least for 3M, I know my existence have a purpose. Which makes things worse, because I know I can't run away from this purpose.

From the looks of it, I'm still depressed. Just that, I've learnt to accept my fate, my place, my position. And pick myself up. The sun still rise, it still rains, the world still revolves, so why am I wallowing in self pity?

Live life to fullest but life sucks.

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