Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I dunno how to title this

Marcus showed me black face this morning. I reminded him many times to apply gel on his wound since Saturday. Until yesterday evening, he was still being reminded to apply. This morning, I learnt that he didn't apply. I was quite fed up and told him that if his wound gets an infection, he may have to chop off his leg. And because of this, he was angry with me. He didn't say goodbye when he got off the car.

I was like, is there something wrong with me? First, I would not hold it against Marcus, very tired of holding qi inside me. Yes, I was angry with Marcus at first for getting angry with me, but I will not hold him to it. Maybe he really had a bad morning.

Next, I reflect. Is there something wrong with me? I learn not to say things unnecessarily, as I often got into trouble with that. But I also learn that not saying certain things also will get myself into trouble. And was being held to it, whether I say or I didn't say.

It is tiring to watch wat to say/do and wat not to say/do. Even more tiring if u r being held to it. I am not a perfect person. Please allow some room for mistakes.

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