Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bad luck

Let me see, things have not been smooth lately.

1) last month, after domestic helper just went back, Mabel and max had nausea, vomitting. Remembered brought them to see doc in the middle of the night. Ok, maybe they ate something wrong.

2) then recently, the flu-cough virus had been very strong. Brought them on 31 dec to see doc, including myself.

3) a week later, Mabel had their nauseous feeling again and fever. She went to see doc a week later. Given 4 days mc.

4) what puzzled me the most is Marcus unexplainable behavior these three days. On Monday, his eyes itchy until cannot open. Had to be brought back from school. On Tuesday, he experienced headache, had to be brought back from school again. I was so angry with him that I scolded him and told him no more such things. Ok, blame it on Marcus' weak character, he can't adapt yet to new school life and is giving excuses. Today, at 5 plus, he is still not back from school. Apparently, after school at 2 something, he was queuing at bookshop in school to buy books. And he only returned home at about 6 pm. Do you believe it???? I know, the fact that the queue takes 3 hours is unbelievable. But coming from Marcus, and knowing Marcus, I believe he is telling the truth and not lying. But fact remains unbelievable. And fact is also the father went up school to look for him but didn't see him. Ok, blame it on adult for not doing a thorough search hence missed seeing him in school. But I'm still very upset.

5) out of no reason, Mac mini cannot start. It started, with apple icon, and circling, but shuts down again. This had never happen before to any apple products I own before. Never. Virus proof. Had to bring down to service centre. Ok, blame it on the kids for downloading mine craft service pak.

6) for so many years and times I take iPhone, it has never given me any problem until the recent change to iPhone 5. No service. I had to bring it down to com centre for 1 to 1 exchange.

In fact, children's cough and my cough had not fully recovered. Ok, I know, many people's cough is also very long drawn, not fully recover.

But I'm already very very tired. Today's Marcus' case was my breaking point. I really felt like giving up. Just when I thought I pulled myself up again, the Mac mini has to give problems which caused me to sink further. Why? Why? Why? And I have no one to talk to. Luckily I can blog here. If not, I'll go imh for sure.

Anyway, I'm giving that thing one week to move. If it doesn't move, I'll move out. 16 jan. deadline.

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