Saturday, January 05, 2013

First post 2013

Realized it's been close to a month since I last blogged. Hmmmmm, also hard for to write on. I dunno why.

Just saw my blog description, why worry what other people think? I used to like to do what, do what, why worry people think what. But I realized that sometimes that cannot be the case. Your actions will have reactions, dire consequences if serious. Your actions will impact others. Maybe that is why I started to adjust myself to think cautiously before saying or doing anything. Maybe that explains why I kept my silence on blog.

2013 would be an exciting year. Marcus sec one, Mabel pri six, max pri one and myself, going to a new working environment in June. I dare not look into the future too much. Just take one day at a time.

2012 was an eventful year with forecast of the end of the world which didn't take place. I should do a closure blog post last year but then again I just want to close 2012 chapter quietly. Even though I didn't close it in black and white, I will remember the lessons learnt from the events and used it to improve myself to be a better person.

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Good for u