Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Traditional method vs technology of getting a cab

Man: Let me try the grab taxi app and see if we can get a cab.

Woman: Silence...... eyeing man's iphone, seeking location..... needle turning round and round

After 2 minutes,

Woman walks towards the main road, raised her hand, wola, an empty cab stopped. that was less than thirty seconds, maybe.

So the verdict is.... yes, yes, the grab taxi app have been so hyped up. Honestly, if I'm a cab driver, I'm supppose to keep my eyes on the road, right? and not on the phone or apps and try to grab a customer who might be using the grab taxi app, right?

Tell me, is it better for the cab driver to keep an eye on the road or keep an eye on the phone?

zzzzzzzz that app should be deleted for causing our cab drivers to lose concentration while driving!

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