Friday, July 13, 2012

Women- big hearted?

Someone asked me this question. I don't have the answer.
Are women 大方?
For those reading this post, u can ask yourself this question.
Personally, for the man i love, I would. Sometimes the feeling may be sour, but got to trust your man, love conquers all. That is provided your man has been good to you. On that belief, i trust my man.
Gracious is the way to go in true love.

It was difficult to continue the post. Because I was thinking, if a man cheated, the woman would, for the sake of the family, stand by the husband. Just look at the case of those men caught in the sex with underage prostitute case. Did mrs shaw stood by mr shaw?
But if it was the woman who cheated, 99% of the men will not stand by the wife. Just look at the case of the scdf case.

Yes, men have their pride. Especially if the case is on news. Does it mean that woman doesn't have pride? No. I think it's because society has made women the weaker sex. Yes, we have come a long way and progress in women fighting for equal rights. But somehow, that's how far we can go. Men are from mars. Women from Venus, we can never be equal. We are made to be different.

Otherwise, women should go for NS and men should try child bearing. Men and women will never be the same. For women, we think with the heart, which proves to be complicated. For men, they think with their head, rationalize. Some silly men would think with their cock head.

Then why are some women small hearted? Maybe it's because they really love their men, that's why it matters to them. Maybe it's not that they don't trust their men, it's they don't trust the other women. But then again, if they trust their men, why would they worry about the other women? I really don't know.

So back to my question, and I hope u have seriously think about it. Are women big hearted, generous?

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Anonymous said...

If the men who cheated are "rich" then it is different. If the guy is not rich then his woman won't be that kind or big hearted. BTW I don't blame them....the guy's dick should be "cut off" if he is poor and itchy.