Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random thoughts after reading newspaper

random thoughts:

1) Fatherhood makes andy lau happier and fatter.

2) fire at east village. just wondering, how the fire got to be so big and so diffcult to extinguish? It took 80 SCDF officers to extinguish the fire in 4 hours. Was SCDF slow in responding? inefficient to put out the fire? If buildings in Singapore goes through random fire check, then how is it that such an incident could happen? the fire checks on building is supposed to prevent fire, right? or to make sure that in event of fire, exits of building are not blocked? i think it's the latter.
read the report, if the fire started at around 830am, the SCDF received call at 905am, what took the hotel so long to call the SCDF???????? could the fire have been prevented from escalating if the hotel authorities had called SCDF earlier?

3) US dollor is at $1.26 against Sing dollar.

yah, i guess that's all for my random thoughts.

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